FishBright Head Torch

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Turn night into day and transform the way you fish!

We all know the feeling of injuring ourselves with hooks and other sharp equipment when we don't have sufficient light.

Forget the struggles of fishing in the dark with our new FishBright Head Touch. Constructed with durable aluminium alloy, 90-degree adjustable mechanism and over 8,000 lumen to provide the perfect environment for night fishing.

Featuring Gesture Control Technology which allows you to simply wave your hand at the torch to turn it on to avoid getting any dirt, grime or other fishy substances all over your torch.

Focus all 8000 lumens exactly where you want them with our telescopic zoom to ensure you can always see exactly what you're doing. 

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This product is proudly shipped from the USA.


Key Features

- 8,000 Lumens of Lighting Output

- Next Generation Gesture Control Technology

- Robust Aluminium Alloy Casing

- Telescopic Zoom

- Multiple Lighting Modes

- 90 Degree Adjustable Mechanism 

- Battery Powered (18650 Battery) 2 x included